shining force? i love that. they way they just (clenches fist) shine those forces


And for today’s drawing: surprise! Another Rika hair-study! I’m rather pleased with this one. Simplified facial geometry, with more of an anime feel, rather happy with the clothes too. Still no idea about the shadows though, and the bloody pen is still bleeding annoyingly! Grr… (To be fair though, I’m more annoyed at my own bloody mindedness for insisting on using it when I know it’s not on my side…)
Most importantly, I think I got the hair more right this time. I’m still not sure how to draw hair in an aesthetically pleasing way, but at least I feel that this interpretation of the hair-style is reasonable.
Not sure what I’ll draw for tomorrow. More PS-fanart? If I had more colours an attempt at Shir (or Shilka/シルカ) from PSII might have been fun, but until I do I think I’ll give it a miss.




(AKA not PSII/III/IV/PSO/PSU but the first game that started it all)

WHERE TO GET AND PLAY: For legal options I recommend:

  • Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for both PS3/XBOX 360 which not only gives you the first game but the whole classic series (I/II/III and IV) as well as the first 3 games of the Shining series and also many other great classic SEGA games,such as Streets of Rage and obvious Sonic, for cheap (be aware that you have to unlock the first game though, which really just requires you to beat the first boss of Sonic 2 with 2 players).
  • Phantasy Star Collection for GBA if you want the first 3 games on the go and still use your gba/ds i guess
  • and on Virtual Console for the WII (and probably WII U???) if you just want the game by itself.

For other options, Pscave has you covered for the first game and more while Fantasyanime has the emus you need(the first game is for the Sega Saturn).

There’s also a re-translation of the first game that is faithful to the japanese text of the original and also a PS2 remake that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND since it updates all the graphics and adds more to the characters.

why u should play???

  • Stars Alis aka the first female protag in a rpg EVER!!!!
  • Not only is she the main protag but she is also not a love interest or token healer girl nor is on a journey for love or anything
  • Game literally starts with her wanting REVENGE on the king of the galaxy after his robot cops kill her bro which later evolves into her saving the galaxy while she’s at it too
  • One of the first RPGS to have a sci-fi/futuristic setting instead of a mostly medieval one (barely beaten by MegaTen I think), which means LOTS OF SPACE!!!!
  • SPACE AND SPACE TRAVEL AND LASER GUNS/SWORDS ALIEN RACES and ROBOTS (though sadly androids don’t truly come into play until games after)!!!!
  • Besides Alis your party consists of a talking cat named Myau (pronouced meow), big guy Odin (who Alis could probably beat up), and esper guy whos name is either Noah or Lutz depending on who you ask (read: localization choices and errors)
  • some screens:image
  • You can talk to some enemies and avoid combat
  • has 3D dungeons you go through in first person pov
  • The music’s still pretty good to this day
  • created by a female designer Rieko Kodama
  • its not as if PSO2 is coming out here anytime soon if ever so might as well

why u shouldnt play???

  • Ugly aged graphics though better than first ff game
  • slow walking speed
  • tedious grinding
  • other stuff due to limitations at the time
  • BUT WAIT: THERE IS A REMAKE (as mentioned earlier) which fixes all of these problemsimage
  • Phantasy Star: Generation 1 is the name of this remake, and while it was released only in japan on the PS2, a kind fan went out of her way to translate and make an english patch of it. I recommend 100% if the reasons before and stuff is what’s preventing you from playing. Even if they aren’t, the remake is still a nice play since not only are graphics updated, but it adds more personality to the characters as well as interactions between them and also nice cut-scenes pics like the one above. And just look how hot nice and cute everyone looks in the remake:image
  • pls look through this tag for more caps and pls find a copy of the game to patch up and play
  • also was just released on japanese psn so if you can read japanese and/or have an account you can get it for 800yen/~8 bucks (???) though could you even patch it

as for other reasons not to play:

  • While Alis is main character and also first female protag, she is also only playable female protag in game, rest of her companions are male (there has been some debates about noah/lutz and maybe myau due to localization screw ups though)
  • they never look down on Alis or anything and treat her with respect but still
  • maybe if you arent keen of the idea of a 3d dungeon in this day and age
  • theres really no other reason not to play (besides the fact the series in general might destroy you)

Phantasy Star is generally considered one of the pioneers of the RPG genre with things such as its sci-fi setting and pre-defined characters, animated enemy sprites, 3D dungeons and so on, if not only one of the greatest games of the genre. It’s often overshadowed by rpgs like Final Fantasy and Alis overshadowed by characters like Samus and while the first game isnt my #1 favorite in the series (looks at iii and iv), i still love it and the way alis and friends are still really important in the games after it (not including pso/psu, though they do pay small homages to it from time to time) and just pls play phantasy star, thank you


Phantasy Star II (1990) for the Sega Genesis. Developed & published by Sega. Full Size


ネイ (ファンタシースター2) | 水天一碧 [pixiv]


Rolf Landale from ‘PHantasy Star II’ made by MelzGrave


The power of science!


First time coloring something completely with this new tablet. I love this game so much, you have no idea.


Shining the Holy Ark, Sega Saturn.