(yet another?) Phantasy Star III remake


This is absolutely a pet, hobby, vanity project of mine, but I kinda felt like posting about it anyway.

I’ve spent a few hours here and there off and on over the last few years on a Phantasy Star III remake in RPG Maker VX (most recently Ace) It’s slow going, especially the script because I’m rewriting -everything- from scratch based on the original Japanese version (names included) I have however finished almost all the spritework, and over 50% of the maps (though they need to be remade in Ace now…) as well as found appropriate free music to re-score the game with.

Should this project actually go anywhere I plan to have all generations intact, and extras like a party-chat system, illustrated cutscenes, and being able to see your characters in battle.

Things that will take forever include redrawing all the monsters and getting a balanced combat / level-up / equipment system. Also techniques.

I know, I know, you don’t care about sob-stories, you want screenshots right? Here’s a few random tidbits.



<Mieu and Lyle. I actually made these as “promo shots” a while ago for whenever I was ready to post about the game>


<A hastily cropped map of Rhique Castle. Filling a barebones castle with stuff to make it livable was one thing… but programming The Wedding? That’s something that I hope to never do again>


<In game there’s a nice little effect that causes the circuitry and other things below to fade in and out with a nice glow>


<A little piece I made to compare the new sprites with the old ones>


<I tried to base this new title screen on the old one as much as possible. Unfortunately I couldn’t replicate that cool engraved metal effect…>

…and that’s all I have for now. If I ever post more updates, they will be few and far between probably. But I feel better talking about it now.

…also my apologies to all the yugioh fans who follow me who must have NO idea what I’m blabbering about. ^_^;



Phantasy Star IV character intro ^^~

For comparison, here are the character portraits from the prototype version.